Bacteria Site Assessments

Aeris has the ability to properly assess unfortunate water loss events and other hazardous exposure situations to determine if the affected areas are truly free from harmful bacteria.

These harmful pathogens can come from many events such as:
  • Blackwater events (i.e. toilet back-up and overflow)
  • Fire sprinkler initiated
  • Unknown sourced standing water
The consideration to perform a bacteria site assessment with Aeris will allow one to understand the exposure of moisture, relative humidity, and the possibility of harmful bacteria being retained within building materials. Once the property is assessed we then determine how things must be handled by providing a detailed report identifying all areas affected along with a detailed protocol to proceed. Knowing these key data points allow us to protect our clients by equipping them properly to make the best decisions when considering risks, liability, and costs. 
Determining the exposure of harmful bacteria will allow you to understand what truly can be cleansed and what must be removed. Through very accurate and careful techniques along with a 3rd party lab analysis, Aeris is prepared to find and determine the condition of a potentially harmful bacteria exposure. Partner with Aeris before a site assessment is needed to fully understand how our team could assist you.