Mold & Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Indoor air quality is an umbrella term that considers various components, compounds, and environmental factors. We provide an approach to bring data, experience, and knowledge to the forefront to help each client understand their concerns regarding their indoor air quality. The services we provide are very appropriate for residents and business owners alike to help calculate their risks, liabilities, potential health concerns and project costs.

About Our Mold Assessments:

Fungal growth is a concern when elevated amounts of moisture have been introduced to an environment. Moisture can be introduced through various forms such as a large water loss or the build-up of water vapor within an enclosed environment. This water must then find its way to something organic such as building material. Mold within the ambient air will then find its way to the affected materials and began to grow. Spores are a result of mold growth and sufficient moisture. Aeris can perform a mold assessment to properly identify the presence, the types, the cause and origin of the mold.

Key components of an Aeris Mold Assessment:
  • Visual inspection of the property
  • Ambient air and/or surface sampling
  • Microscope analysis via 3rd party laboratory and our consultant team
  • Building material moisture survey
  • Temperature and humidity logging throughout the premises
  • Site photo documentation
  • Final report with site observations, findings, recommendations and protocol
Make an Effort to be Proactive:
Perform routine environmental testing such as mold assessments, moisture intrusion surveys and volatile organic compound testing to identify signs of potential issues that may affect you and your occupants. Be aware of unusual odors and discolorations appearing throughout the home or business. Partner with Aeris, we can provide assistance with questions you may have or complaints that have been made to troubleshoot prior to the situation escalating.