The Aeris Team 
At Aeris, we specialize in residential and commercial properties needing indoor environmental assessment services

Our experienced and dedicated team consists of consultants that are fully licensed and insured as Florida Mold Assessors, Asbestos Building Inspectors, and EPA Lead Inspectors, making it easy to assist a variety of clients and their needs. 

Insurance adjusters, remediation specialists, general contractors and property managers all count on our team to properly assess their projects and work hand-in-hand to minimize unnecessary liability risk. 

We also work directly with homeowners to help them solve indoor environmental dilemmas or to provide peace of mind testing for concerns regarding the condition of their home. In cases where remediation is required, an experienced consultant will help answer questions and explain the remediation protocol and process.

Rest assured our team is always ready to provide stellar customer service and help with a multitude of environmental assessments. At Aeris, we believe in order to achieve great success we must always prioritize and value our clients' projects and properties as our very own.